Who we are

We love tech’s. We have been part of the tech scene since 2013. We want to empower them, expose their hidden potential and increase their impact on the economy.




Our style is very hands-on. No huge theories, but practical frameworks to apply immediately.


We create a safe space by being open, vulnerable and playful. It’s serious, but fun.


It is not our mission to be a band aid. We want to truly help people and make real transformations.

Rebel Trainers

David Beckett

The Best Pitch Coach

Meret Muntinga

Mindset Master

Melissa Marijnen

Founder & Trainer

Julia Alberga

UX/UI expert & Sprint Coach

Anne Hospers

Creative Moderator

Bas Snippert

Stress Expert

Milan van den Bovenkamp

Mindset Challenger

Teddy Uijttewaal

Energy Maximizer

Maartje Smits

Design & Storytelling Expert

Rebel Team

Melissa Marijnen

Founder & Trainer

Mats Siffels

Strategisch Adviseur

Saskia Schrijnen


Eveline Huiser

Allround Sidekick


Contact information:

We are based in Amsterdam (B.Amsterdam & TQ)

Contact us on: info@professionalrebel.com

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