Track Record

We love to help large organizations to bridge the gap between tech’s and non-tech’s. Check out our most recent programs here:


Power to the Projects

8 months, 22 participants, 2017 & 2018

We connect project managers of the Chamber of Commerce to technology and the mindset needed to accelerate digital transformation. This program is intensive. Consisting of 10 training days, one sprint week, and 3 coaching sessions. After a successful edition in 2017, we are now organizing the second edition.


The BIG 5

5 months, 15 participants, 8 programs per year

We train young leaders in finance on how to become leaders in their organizations. This program consists of 5 steps and 5 sessions: 1. Be Curious, 2. Create, 3. Test, 4. Pitch, 5. Grow. At the end of the program the participants have been leading in improving business, and learning the mindset and skills to do so.



Rebel Talent Lab

7 months, 12 participants, 2017 & 2018, on-going

We train Xomnia’s tech’s, data scientists and data engineers, on personal development and leadership skills. We challenge them to tackle internal barriers, set ambitious goals, and get comfortable with uncomfortable situations.


Be a startup for one day

2o participants, on-going every 2 months, since 2016

Chief Technology Office of Amsterdam offers this program to their colleagues to bridge the gap in knowledge. Participants learn how to apply innovation processes, like the lean startup methodology, to accelerate their own innovation.


The Fastlane

6 teams, each 4 – 5 participants, 2 days, 2016

6 teams with current innovation projects, got two days to accelerate their project. They got the time, space and support they needed to get their projects to the next level. Check out this blog on the results: Meet the first startup of RWS


“It was super helpful to have two whole days devoted to just this topic, without interruptions. The key moment for us was of course that discussion with the startup mentor. It was also super inspiring to work with startups in such an environment. That’s partially the reason we present ourselves as the first startup of Rijkswaterstaat.”

Joost van der Hammen, Rijkswaterstaat




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