Our Programs

We offer leadership programs, that are future-proof, focussed on personal leadership and custom-made for your company.


We work with clients like Young Capital, Xomnia, Gemeente Amsterdam, Dutch Chamber of Commerce, Info Support and more. With our clients we develop custom-made programs, build from program blocks we’ve developed since 2012.

Our leadership programs are focussed to engage employees and/or managers in taking leadership, and enlarging their circle of influence within the company and industry. We challenge participants to take leadership in improving the status-quo, and focus on both their personal growth, as the growth of the organisation.


Check out some of our current leadership programs:


The BIG 5

Leadership program for trainees or starters || 3-6 months

In short:
A deep-dive into the 5 essential traits for an innovative future-proof leader; Curiosity, Creativity, Courage, Discipline & Drive. The participants build on a strong professional reputation, impactful leadership traits, and apply small-scale innovative experiments.

Clients: Young Capital, Xomnia, Young Digital Leaders


The REBEL Sprint

Innovation & Leadership for managers || 6-9 months

In short: This program fits organisations, who want to accelerate their innovation and improvements. The focus is to train managers and employees to be able to apply this method without the help of external consultants/facilitators afterwards.

Clients: Chamber of Commerce, MN Pensioenfonds, RWS, Gemeente Amsterdam


The Changeleaders Program

Change Leadership for (potential) leaders || 6 – 9 months

In short: Change is becoming a constant phenomenon in most organisations. The pace of change is increasing. Every organisation needs leaders who embrace change, and help others do the same.

Clients: Ministery of Economic Affairs, Asics, Avenade (Italy)



The ingredients of our programs:


Our style is very hands-on. No huge theories, but practical frameworks, that are directly applicable.


We create a safe space by being open, vulnerable and playful. It’s serious, but playful.


It is not our ambition to be a band aid. We want to ignite real transformations.


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