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Professional Rebel develops custom-made programs for tech companies, dealing with constant digital transformations. We focus on bridging the gap between tech’s and non-tech’s to accelerate the business.

Our programs are custom-made, with an average duration of 6 months. Per month we organize a training day, a coaching session per participant, and regular challenges. The participants are both tech’s and non-tech’s. Some days they work together, some days they learn separately.

Clients we currently work for are Young Capital, Xomnia, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and the Municipality of Amsterdam. See our Track Record for more info.


The ingredients of our programs:



We train your tech’s on digital leadership. Not to become a manager, or a scrum master, but to be pro-active in tackling challenges and improving the business. To be a leader in tech we train tech’s to;
– explain tech to non-tech’s,
– understand business,
– manage conflicts,
– manage performance and stress,
– work in teams.

In addition we train non-tech’s to understand tech’s. Help tech’s to harness their knowledge, and use it for business innovation. To bridge the gap we train non-tech’s to;
– understand tech’s,
– understand new technologies,
– facilitate business innovation.


We coach tech’s intensively on how to become a leader in their organization. The mindset change from a maker to a pro-active lead in digital change, needs work. Our coaches provide the needed help to do this. For most programs, each tech gets a monthly session. These sessions book the biggest results, when it comes to mindset change.


To be able to work together, we let tech’s and non-tech’s solve big problems together. We make sure that this proces will reveal hidden obstacles between tech’s and non-tech’s. Learning from these experiences means reaching a new level in understanding each other. Resulting in bridging the gap between tech’s and non-tech’s.

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“It was super helpful to have two whole days devoted to just this topic, without interruptions. The key moment for us was of course that discussion with the startup mentor. It was also super inspiring to work with startups in such an environment. That’s partially the reason we present ourselves as the first startup of Rijkswaterstaat.”

Joost van der Hammen, Rijkswaterstaat

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