Our Method

Professional Rebel bridges the gap between tech’s and non-tech’s.

We believe there is a gap between tech’s and non-tech’s. This gap delays digital transformations. And as most companies today are constantly within a digital transformation, it’s essential to bridge this gap.

We help tech’s to take a more prominent role within digital transformations. Not just develop products, but also develop leadership and expertise. We see tech’s as the essential corner stone in digital innovation.

In addition we train non-tech’s to up their knowledge on digital transformation. In order for them to be able to understand tech’s, and be equal partners in innovation.

The result is an acceleration of the business. The more tech’s are part of the business, the quicker you can innovatie. The more tech’s and non-tech’s can create together, the less need for external hires to build that bridge. This means more results, in a shorter amount of time, and with less costs for external professionals.


Our method:


Tech’s in the lead

Your tech’s need to be leaders in digital transformations. We believe tech’s have what it takes to accelerate your business. But you need to believe this to. We train and coach them to lead, communicate effectively and commit to growth. Not just the technology, but also the business. One way to do this: change their mind-set from a reactive tech, to a proactive tech, a Professional Rebel


Educate non-tech’s

Your non-tech’s, from staff to management, lack the knowledge your organization needs to be successful in digital transformations. Most of them don’t know what they don’t know. Which is a problem. We up their tech knowledge, and train them in how to work with tech’s. Let’s decipher the miscommunications, and improve co√∂peration.


Tech’s and Non-Tech’s tackle challenges together

To make sure our programs have the impact it promises, we put tech’s and non-tech’s together. We make sure they get the challenges they need to conquer hidden obstacles. With a lot of reflection and learning, the participants walk away with a mindset, skills set and toolbox ready for any challenge. And mostly ready to accelerate your business.



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